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Digital Paint

VFX ADDA welcomes students who possess creative skills, a thirst to do something different with their lives and a burning passion towards their work. Excellent marks or name in the merit list is not our criteria to grant admittance to our institution. We are in search of a mind full of imagination and hands full of creative strokes.

Course Outline

Matte painting is one of the oldest techniques in the visual effects industry and one of the most widely applied techniques as well.Paint artists are responsible for rig removal tasks, painting out markers, wires and rigging before the shot can move along the pipeline. High-level quality control and a keen eye for repair work is necessary, as the work must be invisible.

In addition, there are sometimes mistakes on the shoot, such as boom mics or crew members accidentally appearing in the frame. Sometimes images need to be restored too, removing damage in the shape of scratches and dust.The Paint/Prep team will fix these problems before the footage moves to the next department.

The concept of matte painting is simple: “Use one or few paintings to replace a background.” Although the concept is so simple, but the technique of matte painting is quite skillful and artistically demanding because the paintings used to replace background have to be realistic enough and support the film style so the audiences can think it’s a real background.

You shoot your actors in front of green or blue screen, then apply a single painting to the background. With this technique, you can make your film look like it was filmed anywhere around the world, even if the world doesn’t exist.With this matte painting technique you can save so much of time and Creative Designs have got experienced paint artists who can take care of the tasks so well.

Digital Painting

Digital painting is commonly used in visual effects post production workflows. From a local TV commercial ad films to Hollywood visual effects there are variety of creative demands which can be catered by a Digital Painting Artist.

“In the visual effects and Stereo Conversion industry, the term Rotoscoping refers to the technique of manually creating a matte for an element on a live-action plate.”

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