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Rotomation & Matchmove

VFX ADDA welcomes students who possess creative skills, a thirst to do something different with their lives and a burning passion towards their work. Excellent marks or name in the merit list is not our criteria to grant admittance to our institution. We are in search of a mind full of imagination and hands full of creative strokes.

Course Outline

Matchmoving also referred to as motion tracking, is a very important technique for VFx artist. Without matchmoving there would not be any way to incorporate 3D data into live action footage. With the advancements in software matchmoving has become more affordable and faster technique to accomplish.

Vfx is basically the integration of 3D elements into real world footage. To make this accurate and appear as if these 3D models are living alongside the actors, you need a virtual camera that moves exactly like the camera in the live action footage.

This movement ensure anything that gets rendered out in 3D will be from the same angles as the live action footage at all times. This process of matching the movement of the live action footage with a virtual camera is called matchmoving, because you are trying to match the motions of the camera.

There are two different forms of matchmoving, 2D and 3D. Two-dimensional matchmoving only tracks features in 2D space and doesn’t factor in camera movement or distortion. This can be used for replacing the image on a television or changing the advertisement on a billboard in the live action footage.

Matchmove and Rotomation techniques go hand in hand in most of the scenarios to give us the required animation and output as per our imagination.


The Rotomation department creates and animates geometry in Maya. The geometry is created within the environment produced through match-move.

“The curriculum is designed as per industry standards and actual production workflow steps. Also the structure of curriculum ensures that every skill can be kept in practice through multiple practical assignments and similar techniques sequence in all software’s throughout the classroom training duration.”

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